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Companies don’t make money – people do

Our experts accelerate time to value with Workfront

Scaling and standardizing processes with Workfront requires those within an organization to change. Employees, partners, freelancers, agencies, and everybody else involved in projects have to adopt newly engineered workflows. To fully recognize the value of Workfront, it is a necessity to slow down, recognize that employees are being asked to change, and provide them with training and enablement.

Workfront Training:

The training that we do is best done in small groups of no more than 12 inside your organization's new instance of Workfront, after workflows have been configured. If you believe that your people will be most effectively trained inside the real environment they’ll be working in, don’t hire Adobe – hire LCG.

Workfront Enablement:

Engage an enablement partner to support your frontline workers while they get acquainted with the platform. Our expert team will support your adoption with our knowledge, materials, documentation, access to Signavio's Process Collaboration Hub, and our direct lines. Eliminate roadblocks immediately with our experienced staff on call. Do things right the first time. Get the most from your Workfront deployment out of the gate.