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The best organizations approach financial transformation as if finance were a profit center.

Visionaries who can orchestrate people and technology in harmony are creating our digital future.

An organization whose financial systems are truly optimized for the digital age perfect the equilibrium between the use of automation and human cognition. Finding that balance is what we call the ‘hybrid’ organization.

The ‘hybrid’ organization doesn’t compete with technology, it embraces it. Man and machine are symbiotic. In many areas, computers outperform humans; in others, men and women outperform the machines. Visionaries who can orchestrate the proper balance are in high demand and are creating our digital future. With more cognitive capacity in hand, companies are accelerating innovation and providing employees with greater satisfaction and the time to focus on the highest value-generating initiatives.

Lima Consulting Group

The old way of looking at financial operations was as a cost-center.

The best organizations approach financial transformation as if finance were a profit center.

That mindset changes everything about your financial transformation. Financial transformation will enable your staff to leverage computing power and capture the value in your data. It will avail your organization to new business models and provide the fundamental building blocks to empower the organization to adopt a data-driven operating model. It even changes the way that you refer to the stakeholders who benefit from finance. They are no longer just “users”, but instead customers and advocates of your Financial Transformation.

Lima Consulting Group

The organization who provides the best customer experience wins.

In the past, organizations would separate internal financial customer experiences from other touchpoints. The hybrid organization recognizes that they need to provide a winning customer experience for internal stakeholders too. That means that every touchpoint across every platform and across the entire customer journey should enrich the customer's life. No more silos.

There is a cost to embarking on your financial transformation. That cost is the cost of delay.

It is also a choice. Inertia costs money. Our proven processes can help financial executives break the inertia. They act like compasses and can help you take a leadership position within your industry.

Successful financial transformations are just that, they are transformative.

The process will turn the organization into a hybrid organism - a powerful, continuously improving entity that thrives in the fast-paced digital world.

Learn how LCG’s proven methodologies can accelerate your transformation.

Operating within the familiar legacy of processes, operating models in established customer experiences and use cases. BUSINESS , AS USUAL DISCOVERY DESIGN Operating within the familiar legacy of processes, operat- ing models in established customer experiences and use cases. INITIALIZED DEPLOY Intentional and multichan- nel experimentation with a 360° view of customer experiences and use case. MANAGED ADOPT Multi-department and multi- disciplinary collaboration, funded as part of a data driven operating model with the ambition to affect corpo- rate culture and the broad customer experience STANDARDIZED OPTIMIZE Dedicated transformational specialists guide strategy and operations based on business and customer centric goals, enter- prise-wide investments, align with the corporate strategy, and in support of existing and new business models ADVANCED INNOVATE TRANSFORMATIVE All levels of the enterprise operating within a Data- driven operating model. The high posture for both Agility Readiness and Data Readi- ness position the organiza- tion to adopt new business models and quickly adapt to changing market conditions and release new offerings in new markets both quickly and effectively. The organiza- tion can leverage insights and new technical innova- tions as part of the broader roadmap for people, process and platforms. TRANSFORM The 6 Stages of Financial Transformation Maturity


Mobilize a trusted partner to guide your transformation and mitigate risks. Adopt a customer-centric view of your financial transformation.


The key to a successful ERP implementation comes down to one concept: “does it work for you?”


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